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by PaigeAB
I have been getting Botox and light fillers for over ten years and have bounced around Austin and San Antonio looking for a celebrity-grade injectables artist. Most of my search has left me feeling downright frustrated, as the skill of the practitioners left something to be desired. Apparently making Botox and fillers look NATURAL is a fine art – a talent not all practitioners possess. I found Blake and have been amazed at her intuition and skill. She studies the face, the bone structure, the features, and like an artist, she intuits where to inject the filler to enhance each individual face. Lots of practitioners are well educated on Botox and fillers (I’ve interviewed dozens), but Blake has had extra training on the finer points of injection science. She not only knows the anatomy of the face, but she knows beauty, she understands the art of subtlety, and she LISTENS to the patient. What a novel concept. When I see Blake, I know she wont make me feel anything but special while I’m in her office. She empowers her patients to voice their desires and concerns… and then she actually takes them into account before she injects. I have found this to be a rare and precious phenomenon in the world of cosmetic procedures. If you’re lucky enough to get an appointment with Blake at Sontera, count your blessings – She’s good enough to be working in Hollywood, but we have her right here in Central Texas!!! THANK YOU BLAKE

by missaquino
I have been going to Sonterra med spa for a couple of months now for laser hair removal. It is the BEST place in san antonio for laser hair removal. Keri is my technician and she is wonderful. I was so happy with my results that I started getting more and more areas lasered. The prices are very reasonable and the treatments are painless. I used to get treatments at another doctors office and they were very painful and uncomfortable. This is the only place to go!

by KimmieO26
This is truly the best medical spa I have ever been to!! The staff will know you by name by the second appointment you make. They really take a geniune interest in their clients, and they make sure you know whats going on during your treatment.Besides great customer service, the technicians know what they are doing.Make no mistake, they are the best in San Antonio. I have yet to find another med spa that can top them.
Pros: excellent staff/clean office/great snacks 😉

by lrenya
I wanted to wait and finish all my laser hair removal treatments before I wrote this review. I researched several places before deciding where to go and I am so glad I chose Sonterra Laser Med Spa. I’m in shock how laser hair removal really worked on my bikini, legs and underarms. I finished my last treatment 2 weeks ago and I honestly don’t have to shave anymore. What a great investment! The staff has been sweet and attentive each and every time. I never felt rushed and it is very spa-like. They have all the latest machines so it is fast and painless. I also am an avid runner so I had a ton of sun damage on my face and chest. They recommended I start doing photofacial treatments so I can fix the sun damage. I have already finished 2 photofacial treatments and seems to be working pretty well. I would recommend them to anyone. They are honest and really care about doing a good treatment. You ladies are the best and thank you for keeping me hair free.

by cari allen
I have been to many spas, but this is the best. The prices are competitive, and the staff is professional. When you go, ask for Blake! Her expertise is un-matched, and her laughter and smile are contagious! You will leave here feeling better about yourself, inside and out! I will be back again, and again!

by Maggie7910
I have been looking for a place to go for monthly chemical peels since my skin started breaking out again..I had my peel done 3 days ago and my skin looks awesome! I even went out tonight with some friends for dinner and recieved some compliments thats why I feel like it deserves a review:) I will for sure be back next month.